Saturday, May 15, 2004

New Parellel Universe James Spader Film in Production - NC 17! Part 1

PUN films presents James Spader in the most erotic film of the year.

James Spader as Nicholas Walker
Madeline Stowe as Dana Greene
Bruce Willis as Garrett Davis
Ellen Barkin as Nina Davis
Demi Moore as Shelly
Rupert Everett as Cody

In a large mansion, in a dark office, a man sits and stares at a couple having sex on his computer monitor. Sounds of sex can clearly be heard on the speakers. Kneeling on the floor, between his legs, is a young woman lazily performing oral sex on the man. On the screen is a woman, over 40. Behind her is a young man of about 25, furiously pumping her from behind.
"Slow down, lover, we have time."
"No worry there, he is occupied, I'm sure". The lovely blonde smiles into the camera above her.

The man in the office reaches down roughly and pushes the girl's head down deeper. She chokes and gags, and the man sighs, exasperated. Pulling the girl up by her ponytail, he bends her over the desk. Wordlessly, he pulls the girl's plaid skirt and pink panties out of his way. He unbuckles his leather belt and unzips his black pants. With harsh precision, he enters her, placing one hand authoritatively on her back to hold her firmly against the desk.
"Don't move".
He pumps, dispassionately, until he hears the boy on the screen climax with a moan. Leaning back so that his body does not caress hers, only the lock of his hand on her back, the man comes. The girl is moaning and shaking.
"There's a good girl. Very nice, but work on the suction." He zips up and pulls her off his desk, propelling her toward the door. "Blow job is an expression, not a description. Now, go clean yourself up."
The girl pulls her skirt down, and practically runs from the office.

Woman seen on the computer screen walks in and languidly slides into a chair opposite the desk. Nina Davis is a petite and icy blonde, of the age that men still whistled, but usually having amazement mixing with admiration. A testament to the science and products that money can buy, as well as her own self control, Nina is draped in a white silk robe. On her tiny feet, white high heeled sandles give the illusion of a height that she always wanted.
Behind the expensive mahogany desk, Garrett Davis contemplates the opening of his wife's robe, exposing the valley between her small breasts. He was not amazed at her continuing beauty. She was, after all, blessed with good genes and credit cards, but he was amused at how effortless she made her perpetual preservation look to those who did not pay her bills. She was his sexual equal, utterly depraved under her proper veneer. The fact that they both engaged in serial adultery did not bother him in the least. In fact, he was relieved that her activities and his kept them from constant marital relations. It reduced the need for him to constantly be in top form, for anything less with Nina was fraility she pounced on and stored for future use.
"How was he?" Garrett queried.
"Fast, but eager." Nina responded with precise boredom. "Size is insufficient for your needs. And mine."
"I thought size didn't matter, isn't that the popular thought?" Garrett chuckled.
"You thought wrong, darling. Too small and you are playing fucking 'Where's Waldo'. Too big? He better go down on me. A lot. Speaking of which, how was she?"
"Your little assistant, what is her name?"
"She sucked. Badly. Nice and tight, though."
"Repeat?" Nina arched an eyebrow at Garrett.
Garrett typed briefly into the computer. "No, untrainable. I'll transfer her out to the field office."

Garrett opens file drawer in his desk, taking out manila file. Inside are reports from a private investigator and a photograph of a man. Garrett tosses files across desk to Nina, who opens it and rises from her chair. She reads while walking around to Garrett's side of his desk.
Garrett watches her face. "Our next candidate. Very promising."
Nina stares at the handsome man in the picture. "Indeed."
"Nicholas Walker. Past is sketchy. Born in Chicago, sudden move to Virginia at age 17. Dropped out of college in third year. No siblings, deceased parents. Warrant for assault. Expired, but still on the books and computer."
Nina looks at the man's handsome classic features. She is struck by his eyes, the soft lashes over the steely depths. She looked down, to his fit body, and found her gaze captured by his hands, wrapped around a bottle of beer.
"Construction? No."
"Jack of all trades," Garrett offered, "Did bartending in town at Spanky's until I hired him."
"His hands are beautiful."
"Hands?" Garrett studied her face.
Nina put the photograph in front of Garrett, running a long, manicured finger down the image. "Yes, his fingers are long and tapered. Look, his nails are manicured. This is no construction worker, Garrett. You will need a better story if you decide to use him."
Garrett admiringly nodded at his perceptive spouse. "I'll keep that in mind. Anything else?"
"He is beautiful, from what the picture shows," Nina mused. "With an adequate package, proper packaging and strong technique, he should do nicely."
"He is older than the others."
"Hopefully, that means he knows how to fuck." Nina reluctantly closed the file and handed it to Garrett. "Besides, she likes older men."
"I know" said Garrett, devoid of emotion.
"Nicholas, strong name. When do I audition our rising star?"
Garrett glanced at Nina, "Are you up for tomorrow?"
"I am not the one who has to be up," Nina grins "Besides, I am always game."
"Tomorrow. I will send him over to drive you around."
"Oooooooh, the chauffer and the rich lady...haven't done that one in a while. Is the cam in the car working?"
Garrett types into the computer. On the screen is an image of an empty back seat of a limosine.
Nina leans over desk to view screen, giving Garrett a clear view of her firm, high breasts with dark nipples.
"Who will you be playing with, darling?" Nina gazed into Garrett's eyes.
"Charlotte comes tomorrow." Garrett replies dispassionately.
"I bet she does. Goodnight, darling."
Nina strolls out of the office. The sound of her heels click down the marble hall.

Garrett unlocks a drawer in his desk. He takes out a different manila file. He opens it to see a photograph of a fresh, pretty woman, about 35 to 40, with curly chestnut hair. He gazes at her smiling face, intent upon her laughing, open eyes.

fade out

Exterior of a large mansion, set among trees and mountains. The curved driveway has a black limosine parked in front of the steps to the house. A blue Mustang, circa mid-60's, eases up the drive, parking behind the limo. A man gets out of the car, leaving the keys in the ignition. He is tall, but not overly so. His dark blonde hair was unruly in the mountain breeze. His fine and clean features were masked by sleek sunglasses. In a crisp, white shirt and black jeans, he had the casual appearance of a man at play.

Nina Davis walked down the steps, confident in her crisp linen dress of pale rose. She was taking in the sight of the handsome man before her, evaluating his demeanor. He turned from the car to face her as her heels crunched in the gravel drive. When she was a few feet from him, she turned her gaze up to his face. He slowly pulled the sunglasses off, and when his eyes met hers, she stifled a catch of her breath. In those clear grey depths, past the wash of blue and gold, lay a rich void, empty of obvious emotion. Even as his lips, so soft that she had to force herself not to reach out and touch them, curled up into a greeting smile, the eyes remained the same. No mirth, no sparkle, no anger, no flash reflected in those murky depths. They were the color of a silent, thunderless storm. Nina felt them examining her, quickly and efficiently. She felt somehow naked before his gaze, and was discomfited to realize that it did not bother her at all. Not at all.
"Mrs. Davis?" His voice was casual, precise and smooth.
"Yes. I imagine that you are Nicholas Walker?" Nina affected a bored stance. "My husband said that you would be driving me today."
"Yes, I will."

Nicholas walked over to the limosine and opened the rear door. Nina walked over and paused before getting in, looking up at the man, she adopted the tone of the mistress of the house.
"There is a jacket and a hat on the front seat, Mr. Walker."
"It is Nick, and I don't do hats."
Nina considered an argument, but thought better of it. She did not really give a shit about the hat, or the jacket, either. Let the man think he has some kind of control. He would soon discover the truth. She slid, catlike, into the seat of the vehicle, giving Nick a full view of one shapely leg as she settled in. Nick closed the door carefully, and walked around. Before he got in, he saw a car drive up. From the inside of the green Toyota, he glimpsed a brunette adjusting the mirror to check her makeup. She got out, and he noticed her shapely figure was encased in a nurse's type of uniform, crisp and white. He watched her round ass undulate up the stairs. Nick put on the sunglasses and got into the driver's seat of the limo.
"Is someone sick?" Nick asked Nina.
"No, that is just my husband's massage therapist. She comes out twice a week. His back, you know, the poor dear."
Nick glanced up in the rear view to eye Mrs. Garrett Davis, wife of one of Colorado's wealthiest men. Her affected tone of wifely concern was belied by her vacant look of boredom. Drive this around all day? Nick wondered what the hell he had stumbled into.


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