Friday, May 14, 2004

"The Firm: the Alan and Tara Treatment"

Denny Crane sends Hannah to head up their New York City offices, and leaves Matthew in charge of Boston, while he decides to head out to Los Angeles to restructure their West Coast offices, who primarily handle entertainment law. Crane invites Shore, Tara and Sally to go there and assist him, offering to make Shore a partner if he will take the managing partner position. This does not sit well with three attorneys who survive the mass firings. They are played by Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey, Jr. and Kim Delany. As the only survivors of the restructuring, they are prickly towards Crane and Shore, even though McCarthy and Shore attended law school together. Sally leaps at the chance to work in a more casual environment.

Tara initially declines the invitation, and she and Shore share a painful scene where he cannot bring himself to ask her to come with him and that is what she is waiting to hear. She tells him that there has to be more in order to uproot her life and move to California. Why would she want to do that, she tells him, give me one good reason. He starts listing things, weather, beach, Disneyland. He lists all of these things without looking at her, and while he does, she is getting closer to him. His list trails off and she is standing in front of him. She says, Alan, I said one good reason. Can you think of one? He blusters and stalls and says that there are lots of reasons. She kisses his cheek softly and says that when he can think of a real reason, let her know.

So, he and Crane and Sally go to LA and get all settled and get the office together. Except Shore gets this totally clumsy and rude temp assistant. Over the course of a couple of weeks, Shore emails Tara with pictures of Hollywood, Disneyland, the beach, sunsets, hunks on the beach, palm trees, all kinds of things. Underneath he writes "Because it is warm" and "Because it is beautiful" and all of these "because" things. To each one, she only replies "I said a GOOD reason".

Finally, one Friday at the end of a crazy day, he emails her a picture of him sitting alone on a chair on the beach at sunset. Underneath he types only:
"Because I need you, I miss you and I care for you."

Tara gets the email right before she leaves work. She stares at it a long time. Then she laughs.

Monday morning, Shore comes into his office and sits at the desk, barking orders on the intercom to his inept assistant. Only she does not answer him, which makes him yell louder in the intercom, yelling about if she can hear him. Tara walks in with his coffee and says that she can hear him all the way down the hall. She sets his coffee on his desk as he stares at her in shock and disbelief whille she efficiently rattles off his schedule and who is waiting to see him. She turns and walks out. After a few minutes, he intercoms her.

"Miss Wilson, come into my office"
"But Mr. Davis his waiting for you"
"Miss Wilson, come into my office, immediately"

So she goes in and he is standing by the door, and he reaches behind her to close the door. He kisses her, smiles, opens the door.

"OK, now that we settled that, get back to work".


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